& Visualising thoughts

The hand, the pen, the mind wandering together is familiar territory- it is home. 


Here's to thinking through visuals, expressing stories through many typologies of spaces and thought; sometimes in poetry, sometime for solace, sometimes for talking to others; sometimes as musings or soliloquies. 


Understanding the Environmental Impact Assessment 2020:

In March 2020, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) issued a draft Environmental Impact Assessment to replace the one issued in 2006. The EIA analyses the effects of infrastructural/ "developmental" projects on the environment. The draft EIA raised concerns among many. 

The Matter collective came together to create a space to understand these various concerns, spread awareness about the EIA and demand action from the Government of India.

These two posts were created in the context of the same

To know more about Understanding EIA 2020 head to The MATTER collective


The devil is in the details.

The details are in the people.

A city so chaotic, but so silent- not a person around. 

And in the myriad of lines- in pipes, in fences, in buildings, in walls, in layers;

the more obvious ones drawn, carry the scent of those that once might have lived

Our lines leave a mark so stark, they're had to unsee. 

Ink on paper.



There are many faces and feelings of home.

And it is in the mundaneness that the magic of home lies.