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Children's Books for INTACH


NTACH Heritage Education and Communication Service (HECS),

New Delhi


Children's book series about the North Eastern States of India


Research, Concept, Author and Illustrator

The 'Know the North East' series is designed to introduce each of the North Eastern States to young readers aged 8-10. The stories loop in aspects of geography, culture, society and practices to give an overview of each state and its beauty. 


With the storytelling, the books also include colouring pages and various activities to not only keep the reader engaged but also spark curiosity to look into their own culture and practices.

The Hornbill Warrior: Know Nagaland (Published 2018)

Teseng builds a root bridge: Know Meghalaya (Published 2020)

Searching for Mayel Lyang: Know Sikkim (ongoing)

A father-daughter duo travel through the state of Sikkim to find the Lepcha mythical place- Mayel Lyang.

Naro the Hornbill Warrior: Know Nagaland (2018)

The story follows a young Naro on her journey through her home state of Nagaland to uncovers her warrior roots. While exploring a common legend from her tribe, Naro discovers her fascinating heritage.

As she journeys through Nagaland, Naro collects many things about her culture in this book and finds her Hornbill Warrior.

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Teseng builds a Root Bridge- Know Meghalaya (2020) 

A young Khasi boy from Bangalore, Teseng believes that the internet can teach him everything about his home state. But after befriending Iba, he journeys into Meghalaya and experiences a world the internet could not have introduced him to!

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