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What makes a god?




Room 3,

British Museum

Collaboration with the British Museum, London and UAL Central Saint Martins London.

Pray/ Prey was an immersive experience proposal for an exhibition to be held within Room 3 of the British Museum. The focus of the exhibition was a never-before-displayed 4m long unwrapped crocodile mummy- a manifestation of the Nile god Sobek, possible from near the Temple Kom-Ombo.

Our strategy intended to shift the design language of the exhibition from an object-centric to a me-centric experience designed around the visitor and to replace the conventional experience by immersive one for a long lasting and engaging relationship, thereby adding to the existing legacy of the British Museum.

Animal mummies have a dark history in Ancient Egypt of being revered to as godly manifestations as well as being sacrificed in millions.


The narrative strategy to the exhibition aimed to engage the visitors with the dualistic aspect of predator/ victim of the mummy by evoking an internal conversation in the visitors of Room 3 by creating a memorable experience which would extend beyond the Museum walls.

Project Team:

Liu Chang, Agnieska Szypicyn (Aga), Julija Grigorjeva, Shreya Tanna and Prachi Joshi

Rather than restrict the experience to one gallery, the proposal stitches a narrative through the existing Egyptian Galleries of the museum and other public spaces taking the exhibition outside the walls as well and building curiosity among other visitors
In the gallery, the space defines and mimics the experience of catacombs and tomb-like spaces opening into the central well where the never-before-seen 4m crocodile mummy representing the god Sobek is on display. But rather than the object being the hero, it is the story of the visitor creating gods and demons that is the hero.
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