How "public" are the public spaces around us?


Cities in 


Stratford (London) 2025

Collaboration with Arup Foresight and UAL Central Saint Martins London.

Working with ARUP Foresight, London on the future of urban mobility and lifestyle, our film speculates the near-future of Stratford in 2025- a rapidly developing locale in East London, poised to become the next cultural-arts-retail hub of the city. 


Thoroughly gentrified after the being selected as the main site of the 2012 London Olympics, Stratford, in comparison to its surrounding less- affluent neighbourhoods, has created

its own bubble, which by 2025 would have become more literal and created a sharp stratification of society.

Analysing the present day scenario of Stratford, we speculated the increasing trends most likely to affect the area:


Privately Owned Public spaces

Green Infrastructure

Quantified Self



The film uses the fictional technocratic body of 'StratSmart' to forecast an uber-tech world with increased dependency on its systems leading to a sedentary lifestyle. 

on display at the Well Built Exhibition, Museum of Architecture

Project Team:

Yiman Huang, Sachiko Osawa, Yasmeen Ayyashi, Vishanka Gandhi, Prachi Joshi

Character Design: Yiman Huang

Stratford ‘Bubble’ illustration: Yasmeen Ayyashi

Project Feature:

'Well- Built' Exhibition, Museum of Architecture, London (November 2016)

As part of the exhibition, we created the 'finger covers'- an essential product which exists only in our future world.