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Children's Books for Spiti

Covid Fundraiser



Ecosphere (Self-published)


Story: Rashmi & Prachi

Illustrations and Layouting: Prachi

In 2020 Spiti valley like much of the country had closed itself to travellers. Being in a remote location and reliant heavily on tourism for only 4 months in the year, Spiti was badly affected. 

Having volunteered with Ecosphere in 2019 to manage Sol cafe in the valley, we fell in love with the place, the people. Thus in the time of the pandemic, Rashmi and I embarked on a project to fundraise for Spiti. 

We're working on a series of children's books which bring the gorgeous valley of Spiti to the many travellers who haven't been able to travel there. Travelling vicariously with us through the books, we hope to introduce readers to the life of Spiti while being responsible towards the sensitive ethos of the place. 

Tsomo, our main character, is the daughter of Sol cafe's head chef. Less than a year old when we met here, Tsomo became our inspiration for the series which follow her life as she grows up in the valley.

The first book, Little Tsomo's day in Sol, was released in August 2021. 

All funds generated through the sales of the books go directly to Ecosphere to fund their many ongoing projects. The books are currently available in Sol cafe, Kaza, Spiti.


Book 1: Little Tsomo's day in Sol

Tsomo has a very dear friend in Sol cafe- a young mountain dog named Ziki.

Come begin your journey into Spiti, with these inseparable friends,

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