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a fundraiser

To Ramgarh,

From my home to yours to ours, 
A love letter to Ramgarh.

Dear Reader,

In mid-October 2021, areas in the Nainital district (Uttarakhand) were severely affected by a cloudburst.

Our village, Khopa and others in Ramgarh have been some of the worst hit.


Lives, homes, livelihoods have been lost.


Being situated in the heart of the area of devastation, it is heartbreaking to see our closest neighbours now homeless. Some people have moved away, some are struggling to find a way ahead.

Our society, Kafal, (not to be confused with Kafal foundation) has been working in the area since 2012 with small initiatives including providing supplemental nutrition for school children. This was suspended during the time of the pandemic, however, with the recent events, Kafal has been revived to support the affected families. 

With advice from village elders and other respected communities, Kafal is creating funds for families to rebuild houses. Rebuilding a life will take a much longer healing and much more time. 


I have spent the last two years in Ramgarh. A quick google search will tell you it is the fruit belt of Kumaon. However, like most places, the lived experience is far greater, far more vivid, and far more loving. 

As an ode to the time I’ve spent here, I bring to you a love letter – A handpainted 12 part story of each month of the magic of Ramgarh.  

The proceeds of each sale go directly into Kafal, and in turn to the families and the lives which make Ramgarh what it is.



It is deliberately not designed like a calendar, for those die with their dates. I instead hope, these stories live longer and linger in your memories. As a set of cards, strew them across your lives so that in books, on pinboards, in bedside tables and nightstands you may keep experiencing Ramgarh– perhaps a lost story, a happy memory, a warm hug, and a secret that you may one day visit. You could also consider this for 2022 soon to be upon us.

A set of 12 cards is priced at Rs. 1000. 

Each card is 4in x 4in print on 300gsm paper

To make a purchase:

1. Transfer the amount to Kafal Society.  
Each set is priced at INR 1000. Cards are not sold individually.


Account Name: KAFAL
Bank: SBI, Branch Bhowali
Account No. 35755338973
IFSC: SBIN0001352
Do mention your name in the bank transfer details.

*Please note that KAFAL is a very small organisation with very limited reach. It is NOT authorised to receive funds from foreign sources/NRIs. This fundraiser is thus only LIMITED to INDIA at the moment.

2. Your details!  

Send me the details of the transfer, your phone number and the address you'd like the cards sent to on WhatsApp 9870528002 or

3. Acknowledgement

I shall respond to your emails with details of when the cards are dispatched.

4.  Please Wait :)
Allow me up to 15 days to ensure your cards reach you. 
The sets will be sent via speed post to the indicated address.

I currently have a limited batch of prints.

If at the time of your request, they've run out I shall inform you.

If you would still like a set, I would request a few more days for printing.

If you would instead like a refund, I shall process your request at the earliest, no questions asked. 

Thank you for staying with me till here,

If you have any questions please reach me at

I will try to respond to your email at the earliest. If you include a phone number, this would be faster, but I leave that to you :)

Much love and warmth,


December 2021

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