Can beauty be automated?


Evolving Beauty

Collaboration with Value Retail Shanghai, Ralph Applebaum Associates London, SaltTV and Central Saint Martins London.

Evolving Beauty is a project scoping the future of fashion and beauty. Looking at today's fast-paced, on-the-move lifestyle, the film questions ‘Can beauty be Automated?’

We explore a new automated beauty service would heighten the convenience of everyday beautification ritual by offering a one-stop facility, speculating the evolution of commodified, standardised beauty trends.

This facility, aimed at millennials, used to fingertip convenience, automation and instant gratification, would be placed in major public spaces such as airports, train stations and shopping centres.

In order for visitors to experience the setting of the film, we designed a 3-minute walk through experience which would translate the sense of minimalistic sophistication, comfort and ease of such a facility, while also expressing a sense of speed, efficiency and convenience.

The exhibition at YiHaus, Shanghai

Project Team:

Christine Lew, Nuttanun Chantadansuwan (Taan) and Prachi Joshi


Molly (film), Taan (Storyboard vignettes)

Project Feature:

Presented at YiHaus 2016 Shanghai, a cultural platform in the middle of Shanghai’s latest shopping village.

YiHaus 2016, was estimated to have 5 million-plus visitors during its one- year duration.